Latest Event:
The 2022 International CEO Golf Challenge "Tuesday 1st November at 08:00 - 18:00 Caymanas Golf and Country Club"
The 2021 Caribbean Power Marketing Conference "11/02/2021 at 8:00am - 04:00pm Caymanas Golf and Country Club Jamaica"
Caribbean Leadership Conversations 2020 "November 4th 2020 Caymanas Golf and Country Club Jamaica"
CARIBIZTECH 2022 "October 25th -26th 2022 New Kingston Jamaica"


Technology and business have always shared a symbiotic relationship. Of course technology in itself is a multibillion dollar industry with some of the biggest businesses in the world being tech businesses. Technology has always changed the way businesses operate – from transportation, telecommunication, health and agro-processing to just about every industry imaginable.

The constant need to increase productivity, profitability and efficiency has placed demands on technology to be more innovative, to create the newest product, software, app or piece of machinery that can accomplish this goal. And as innovation increases, entrepreneurs and business executives are constantly seeking to determine how best they can use it to gain that sometimes elusive competitive advantage.

It is against this backdrop that CARIBIZTECH was conceived. It merges the two drivers of economies worldwide, industry and technology.

The bi-annual CARIBIZTECH Conference and Exposition is a unique opportunity for small to medium enterprise executives, entrepreneurs and corporate entities across the Caribbean to gain a better understanding of how the business technology revolution is impacting their businesses, brands and profitability.

CARIBIZTECH is positioned as the premiere business-to-business technology exposition and conference, strategically designed exclusively for Caribbean SMEs, entrepreneurs, business executives, technopreneurs, marketing and branding professionals including executives in media and advertising. It is the place to experience a preview of what is unfolding in the world of SME Business Technology Trends and Development with an analysis of the future direction of technology in the Caribbean and the world.

CARIBIZTECH brings together industry leaders at the forefront of tech innovations locally and globally. The event will include international, regional and local speakers sharing with participants’ trends, opportunities and challenges of emerging business technologies.

Information will be disseminated in moderated conference panels, keynote sessions, and featured interactive presentations. The lineup of Presenters will lead participants into exploring subject matters such as but not limited to: Renewable Energy, 3D Printing, BPO, Outsourcing Technology, Internet Banking, Emerging Smartphone Technologies, crowd funding, Mobile Money, Social Media Developments, Website Design & Development, Ecommerce, Augmented Reality, teleconferencing, Cloud Hosting & Related Services, Online & Native Advertising, Plus Other New Trends & Innovation In Business Technology.

These diverse topics, will significantly affect the way SMEs operate on a day-to-day basis. Participants will also see and explore new tech innovations being introduced to the local market at this year’s event.

CARIBIZTECH is committed to leading the way with easy to understand, game-changing information that will benefit executives, CEOs, and budding entrepreneurs.

Stay ahead of the game!

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