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Michael Whyte

Michael Whyte Chief Executive Officer Immersive Conversations with Michael Whyte

Michael Whyte is the consummate professional who has spent the last 50 plus years working in areas of Events Management and Planning, Media and Sales, Personal and Small Group Motivational and Leadership Conversations.

Immersive Conversations with Michael Whyte, reflects his presentation style and format, engaging and drawing his audience into the conversation for a more holistic and beneficial experience.

His range of conversation subject matters is varied, but there are a few that he is very passionate about, including strategic business leadership, business strategy, personal and professional development, media trends and developments, sales management and strategy development.

His style is conversational allowing his audience to experience and enjoy his natural warmth, humor, and the transformational and immersive power of his business and personal development presentations.

His desire to move to much larger presentation groups is driven by his passion to also share his over 50 years of motivational and leadership conversations on a much wider level.

He is a Jamaican, living in Barbados, who has spent the last thirty (30) years consulting with a wide range of regional and international business leaders and companies.

There are a number of different types of presentation style, which are customizable, that Mr. Whyte conducts including the following:

Immersive Conversations with Michael Whyte Masterclasses: Intensive three-hour or six-hour pre and post-conference skill-building workshops intended to provide hands-on experience and actionable tools and information participants can put to use immediately in their organizations. These presentations are designed to meet the needs of strategists at every career stage, from those new to the field of strategy development and execution, to seasoned strategists looking for innovative ideas and approaches to incorporate into their practices. 

Immersive Conversations with Michael Whyte Masterclass Workshops: This Masterclass takes a workshop style and can be 30 or 60 minutes in length. The masterclass is where Mr. Whyte shares something that he does in his everyday practice. Think of it as a Teachmeet with more time. You will hear about his good practices that he has refined as his own over a period of 50 years.

Immersive Conversations with Michael Whyte Deep Dive Sessions:  These are 90-minute presentations of ideas/tools/approaches with a heavy emphasis on hands-on experiences for participants. These sessions are in response to feedback from Mr. Whyte various conference attendees who asked for more practice-based learning opportunities. 

Immersive Conversations with Michael Whyte Strategy in the Real World: These sessions create a space for conference attendees to share their work (processes, outcomes, strategy successes, lessons learned) in an informal and interactive environment with Mr. Whyte. Adapted from academic conferences, this “poster-session” style presentation will give participants the opportunity to talk about the nuts and bolts of their work with a variety of peers.

Immersive Conversations with Michael Whyte Workshops: These workshops are a way for Mr. Whyte to share his firsthand account and experience and originality on a wide range of subject matters with others. He uses this opportunity to demonstrate new approaches and creativity, giving delegates the opportunity to engage with new content, methods and innovative activities throughout.

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