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Call for Presenters

360 Signature Events and our 360 Event Partners on an annual basis stage a wide array of events, requiring a diverse range of speakers and presenters. This offers a great opportunity for professionals to present their ideas, share best practice and show case new thinking across various sectors. If you have a presentation idea, then we’d love to hear about it. We have many options for the types of sessions you might want to present at from a symposium to a workshop.

Our Presenters lead participants into exploring subject matters such as but not limited to: Renewable Energy, 3D Printing, BPO, Outsourcing Technology, Internet Banking, Emerging Smartphone Technologies, Crowd Funding, Mobile Money, Social Media Developments, Website Design & Development, Ecommerce, Augmented Reality, Teleconferencing, Cloud Hosting & Related Services, Online & Native Advertising, Plus Other New Trends & Innovation In Business Technology, New And Emerging Technologies, Strategy Formulation, Opportunities Technology Offers For Gathering Information And Managing Execution And Oversight.

The call for presentations is open year round and we invite your submission to present.

All submissions to our events are peer reviewed before acceptance.

360 Signature Events and our 360 Event Partners are committed to encouraging diversity at our events and specifically would like to encourage proposals from all interested parties and sectors. Our adopted “Lead, Think, Plan, and Act” framework is the conceptual underpinning for our events as we embrace diverse perspectives and voices in the development of program content delivered in different types of presentation formats:

Our Primary Goal is to deliver practical information and real-world insights with the aim of presenting ideas, approaches and tools to help strategy leaders and managers address the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Presentation Types & Framework Guidance

There are a number of different types of presentations you can submit for as follows:

Masterclasses: Intensive three-hour or six-hour pre and post-conference skill-building workshops intended to provide hands-on experience and actionable tools and information participants can put to use immediately in their organizations. We are seeking presentations to meet the needs of strategists at every career stage, from those new to the field of strategy development and execution, to seasoned strategists looking for innovative ideas and approaches to incorporate into their practices.  

Masterclass Workshops: This Masterclass takes a workshop style and can be 30 or 60 minutes in length. The masterclass is where you can share something that you do in your practice. Think of it as a Teachmeet with more time. We want to hear about your good practices that you have refined as your own over a period of time. Treat this as a window into something that you do that works really well that you want to share.

Deep Dive Sessions: 90-minute presentations of ideas/tools/approaches with a heavy emphasis on hands-on experiences for participants. These sessions are in response to feedback from conference attendees who asked for more practice-based learning opportunities.  

Breakout Sessions: 60-minute presentations of topics following the more standard conference model. Presentations are anticipated to be presenter focused with limited hands-on experience for participants.

Micro Sessions: These sessions are 30 minutes long, fast-paced and deeply focused, and are quick-hit sessions that would be ideal for presenting research/data summaries, brief case studies, highlighting overviews from a strategy formulation/execution experience etc. No presentation/slides are required.  

Strategy in the Real World: These sessions create a space for conference attendees to share their work (processes, outcomes, strategy successes, lessons learned) in an informal and interactive environment. Adapted from academic conferences, this “poster-session” style presentation will give participants the opportunity to talk about the nuts and bolts of their work with a variety of peers.

Micro-teach: The micro-teach is a great opportunity for you to present a fifteen-minute teaching activity to peers in order to get constructive feedback. The activity should be a fully-formed instructional activity with a learning outcome that can be formatively assessed. You will conduct the activity with a group of five or six participants; this is then observed by the larger group (effectively a mass peer observation). Following the activity, you will receive written feedback on the activity with the option of receiving specific feedback, such as did they engage the students effectively, or was the learning outcome adequately met, to be agreed at the beginning of the micro-teach. A micro-teach is 15 minutes long.

Workshops: Workshops are a way for you to share your originality with others. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate new approaches and creativity. Your workshop should give delegates the opportunity to engage with new content, pedagogical methods and innovative activities throughout. When submitting your abstract, we ask you to include a summary of the intended learning outcomes and a workshop plan outlining activities and timings. Workshops are 60 minutes long.

Short presentation: Have you recently completed a project? Has it altered your approach and or thinking in some way? Short presentations are an ideal opportunity for you to report on recently completed projects, innovations or other developments in your field. Short presentations give you 20 minutes to take a high level overview of key elements of the project and share both what you did and what has changed (30 minutes total).

Long presentation: Have you completed a research project or worked on a recent innovation and evaluated the outcome? A long presentation will provide you with a forum in which you can disseminate your findings with some detail. Long presentations are 45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions (60 minutes total).

Panel Discussion: Do you want to present a wider view of a specific topic you have been working on? Is there a hot topic that you think is relevant to everyone irrespective of the sector they work in? Do you want to share your experiences alongside a diverse range of voices, experiences and environments? If so then you might want to hold or participate on a panel discussion. You should be capable of facilitating a room of people to encourage audience participation and interaction. We encourage submissions from individuals from different institutions and sectors working together who will bring unique perspectives on the topic being discussed. Panel discussions are 60 minutes long.

Please Note General Guidelines for Presenters:

  • Presentations must focus on the theme of the event;
  • Duration of Presentations will vary and may be determined by level of sponsorship;
  • Presenters outside of Jamaica can make presentations via Skype or Zoom etc.
  • We recommend your title is clear and reflective of your presentation’s content.
  • We also require 3 keywords to define your presentation. These should not include broad terms like ‘information literacy’ but be unique to your submission.
  • All submissions should have citations, where necessary, in the author, title style. Reference lists will not be included in the word count.
  • Your abstract should include why people should attend the talk and what they might get out of it. You should consider how you are going to engage delegates.
  • Even if your submission meets the criteria, it does not guarantee acceptance. We expect to receive many high quality submissions and not all can be accommodated within desired or selected programme.
  • All presenters will be expected to register as delegates and are eligible for the discounted/early bird rate.
  • All presentations will be made available in our online archive following the event.

If you would like to give a presentation at one of our events, please send us the following information, along with your financial terms and conditions via email for consideration:

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