Latest Event:
The 2022 International CEO Golf Challenge "Tuesday 1st November at 08:00 - 18:00 Caymanas Golf and Country Club"
The 2021 Caribbean Power Marketing Conference "11/02/2021 at 8:00am - 04:00pm Caymanas Golf and Country Club Jamaica"
Caribbean Leadership Conversations 2020 "November 4th 2020 Caymanas Golf and Country Club Jamaica"
CARIBIZTECH 2022 "October 25th -26th 2022 New Kingston Jamaica"

360 Event Scheduling Checklist

6 to 12 Months Ahead DONE Yes No Decide event purpose (raise funds, visibility, celebration, etc.) Choose a theme Visit potential sites Research/appoint an event coordinator/manager Research/select committees/chairpersons Chairperson forms subcommittees Get cost estimates (site rental, food, drinks, sound/lights, etc.) Get recommendations for entertainment; hold auditions Get bids for entertainment Get bids for decorations Get […]

Meeting & Event Spaces

One of the most challenging aspects of securing an event space is choosing the best one for your event needs. 360 Signature Events is partnering with owners and operators of Meeting & Event Spaces in various locations, to offer you a wide variety of choices to host inspiring events. These can range from “Plain or […]

360 Volunteer Program

As an official Volunteer you may be asked to work two to three (3) full days throughout the tournament week. You will invariable be assigned to one of the three selected Golf Courses and as such Volunteers residing in the area where the selected courses are located will be given preference.

Caribbean Leadership Conversations

“Will Your Business Model Be Relevant Or Outdated On Wednesday, January 2, 2030?” If you can answer this question with certainty then you may not need to attend. But if there is the slightest doubt in your mind, then you and your management team should be in attendance.

Registration @ Caribiztech

With these two platforms – Exhibition and Presentation – you are invited to join some of the Caribbean’s most powerful and influential business leaders, entrepreneurs, SME owners, executives, investors and brokers, public and private sector executives and technopreneurs. 200- 250 registered participants are projected to participate.